Trouble installing/running the Lame mp3 program

I just downloaded the new Audacity 2.0.3, and learned that one needs the Lame mp3 converter program to export mp3 files. I followed the links and instructions to download the Lame converter, but it doesn’t run. The shortcut keeps taking me back to the install process over and over, but it never seems to correctly or completely install. Tried uninstalling the files and starting over, but got the same result.
Is there another way I can use Audacity and export mp3 files to clients?
If it isn’t already obvious, this is all brand new for me. I’m just a VO guy who usually does this in a studio, but clients have been asking me to record at home and send them files, so here I am. Bewildered.

It should just work if you have never used Audacity before.

Uninstall whatever you downloaded, then download this and put it in the folder that you are running the Audacity application from.

Then all you should need to do is export as MP3.

You can also export as WAV and convert to MP3 in iTunes if you have it.