Trouble Installing Nyquist Effects

I am running Audacity 2.3.0 using Win 7/Pro x64.

I figured out how to get rbell.ny into .C:\Users"MyName"\AppData\Roaming\audacity\Plug-Ins. (With my real name in the section marked MyName.)

I managed to get Audacity added to the list of programs to open files.

When I try to install it I get an Error Importing message that reads:
Audacity did not recognize the type of the file…AppData\Roaming\audacity\Plug-Ins\rbell.ny
Below the message are these suggestions:
Try installing FFmpeg.
For uncompressed files, also try File>Import>Raw Data

This also happens if I find ‘rbell.ny’ in Start>Search programs and files

I’ve not yet installed FFmpeg. It does not look as though it would have anything to do with installing this plug-in. Do I really need it?

File>Import>Raw Data accomplished nothing which seems to make sense to me.

Here is the contents of the file ‘rbell.ny’

;type generate
;name “Risset Bell”
;action “Generating Risset Bell…”
;info "Adapted by Steven Jones\nA bell instrument based on the work Jean Claude Risset\nThis plugin is an adaptation of a demo file by Pedro Jose Morales\ncontained in the standard Nyquist distribution.
;control key “MIDI key” int “” 72 0 127
;control wdecay “Decay” float “sec” 10 0 30
;control fdecay “Fractional Decay” float “n/100 sec” 0 0 99

(setq frq (step-to-hz key))
(setq decay (+ wdecay (* 0.01 fdecay)))

(defun log2 (n)
(/ (log (float n))(log 2.0)))

(defun percussion (decay)
(exp-dec 0 (expt 2.0 (- (log2 decay) 3)) decay))

(defun rbell:partial (frq amp decay)
(mult (sine (hz-to-step frq) decay)
(scale amp (percussion decay))))

(defun rbell (frq decay)
(rbell:partial (* frq .56) 1.00 (* decay 1.000))
(rbell:partial (+ (* frq .56) 1) 0.67 (* decay 0.900))
(rbell:partial (* frq .92) 1.35 (* decay 0.650))
(rbell:partial (+ (* frq .92) 1.7) 1.80 (* decay 0.550))
(rbell:partial (* frq 1.19) 2.67 (* decay 0.325))
(rbell:partial (* frq 1.7) 1.67 (* decay 0.350))
(rbell:partial (* frq 2.0) 1.46 (* decay 0.250))
(rbell:partial (* frq 2.74) 1.33 (* decay 0.200))
(rbell:partial (* frq 3.0) 1.33 (* decay 0.150))
(rbell:partial (* frq 3.76) 1.00 (* decay 0.100))
(rbell:partial (* frq 4.07) 1.33 (* decay 0.075))))

(setq rawsig (rbell frq decay))
(setq peakval (peak rawsig ny:all))
(scale (/ 1.0 peakval) rawsig)

What else might I have done wrong?


It sounds like you are trying to “open” the plug-in, but the “Open” command is for opening Audacity projects.
To install the plug-in you need to enable it in the “Plug-in Manager”.

See here for info about the Plug-Ins Manager: Plugin Manager - Add / Remove Effects, Generators and Analyzers - Audacity Manual

Thank you, Steve!

Thanks for your patient reassurance that I’d find it.

I found it using Tools>Add/Remove and enabled it. I have vision problems, so I focused on finding ‘rbell.ny’ but I see now that it is alphabetized under “Risset Bell.”

It was buried in a long list of newly downloaded Plug-Ins.

Thanks again,