Trouble Installing Audacity

Samsung PC / Windows 8 x64

I have downloaded the exe but when I click on it to install, the blue circular timer briefly pops up, then disappears and nothing happens. I now have downloaded 4 exe’s and for some reason my pc wont let me throw them away in the recycling bin because it says that the file is open in Audacity setup?

I’m new to windows 8 but cant find audacity setup on my pc to see if its open or not. :frowning:

There is only one supported installer for Windows 8 ( ).

If the downloaded setup file is corrupt, try downloading it from our alternate servers ( ).

If you receive a corrupted file once, it’s a very good idea to clear the download list or cache in your web browser or download manager before downloading again.

To enable you to delete corrupted installers I would suggest opening Task Manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC) and quitting the installer applications or processes that are running.