Trouble installing a plug-in for pseudo-stereo


I am new to the forum and new to Linux/Ubuntu14.04 as well. I have version 2.05 of Audacity and am trying to install the unzipped “pseudo-stereo” plug-in. I have searched and read the install details but as luck would have it I can’t find the correct folder to install the unzipped plug-in! One source says it should go in /usr/share/audacity/plug-ins I did NOT compile it!

So how to find the folder? I can find a folder that is called .audacitydata that has two sub folders inside it but neither are the one specified.

If I try and search for that folder /usr/share/audacity/plug-ins, I get nothing. If it can be installed from a terminal I don’t know how to do that either :confused:

Again I am new to Ubuntu and it’s many differences from the MS OS’s.

What to do?

Thank you in advance,

Accomac :smiley:

Try How do I install plug-ins on Linux? .

“.audacity-files/plug-ins” is probably the best place to put Nyquist plug-ins. Then the plug-ins you added don’t risk being overwritten if you update your repository version of Audacity.



Thank you that worked fine and the plug-in does work, haven’t had much time to use it yet, I am used to using Nero’s Wave Editor to make my fake stereo and it works very well, imho.

If I may ask why does Audacity ask me to ‘save changes’ when all I have done is played a file and not made any changes to it? Seems a bit odd but there must be a good reason for it.



Because everything Audacity does is in a “project”. You have made changes to a project by importing a file into the project.

Audacity doesn’t edit any audio files directly. It copies in the data from the file in lossless PCM form then exports from that data if you want to save a new file or save over the existing file.

If the file is a WAV or AIFF, Audacity gives you the option to read the data directly from the file, which makes for a much quicker import. Audacity will then only copy in the parts of the data that you actually edit.

See: Managing Audacity Projects - Audacity Manual .

If you have more questions, please start a new topic. :wink:


Understsood thank you.