trouble in Audacity land

well I am a newbie. Audacity seen to offer ever thing and the kitchen sink.

Well I don’t know a facet from a drain.

Audacity may be way to good for me. Your manual is LARGE make that EXTRA LARGE.

All I want to do is play a cassette recording and then burn it to audio CD driver inside my computer.

And is much as I tried. I can’t get the written CD to play on another player. My other CD player is old and stupid like me.

Perhaps you can suggest another brand or point me in the right direction. Any ways thanks for listening. R.

I’d start with this smaller bit of the Manual - not entirely small, but it’s the bit you need :wink:

This bit will be particularly useful:

I’m betting that you’ve been burning a “data CD” and not a “music CD” - there’s a big difference - data CDS while platying happily on computers will not normally play on most CD players especially older ones.


Thank you. I give it a try. R.