Trouble Importing "Save Project As" files in Windows 7

Last Sunday I recorded multiple sound files into three separate Audacity 2.1.2. windows (ruined audio required me to ‘save project as’ three separate times). I recorded every sound as a stereo file. Now when I try to import all these sounds, they show up in the window as 6-second long files each, all mono and extremely distorted. I don’t know what to do to fix this. Please help me someone :slight_smile:

“Saved projects” should be opened using “File menu > Open” and select the “.aup” file. That will automatically pull in the fragments of audio data from the project “_data” folder.
Note: there are two parts to an Audacity project. There is the “project file” (for example: “myproject.aup”) and the audio data, which is usually in a “_data” folder (example: “myproject_data”) See here for more information:

The “File menu > Import > Audio” command is for importing ordinary audio files (such as WAV or MP3 files) into a project.