Trouble Hearing Playback from H4n Recording

So this is my predicament. I have a H4n and two XLR microphones plugged into it. I and a buddy have recorded some audio, but when the audio is imported into Audacity from the SD card only audio recorded from Mic 1/Input 1 will playback through the computer’s speaker. Mic 2/Input 2… we can’t hear the recording. Mic 2 definitely could detect the audio as the level went up and down. I’ve looked at various ‘fixes’ to the issue, but none have solved the problem of why only I can be heard in the recording playback but my bud can’t be.

Does it import as a mono track, or as a stereo track?
A stereo track has two waveforms, one above the other, like this:

Which H4n? Apparently there’s two of them now.

Plug your headphones into the H4n. Play the work. Do you hear both performers?



A bit of a stab-in-the-dark but are you using condenser microphones and Phantom Power isn’t enabled for microphone 2?


Phantom Power isn’t enabled for microphone 2

And that would show up when you listen to the show with headphones plugged into the H4n. One voice missing.