Trouble getting ffpeg to install

Why am I not able to get the add-on files for ffpeg (the ability to import m4a etc. files) to install? This is not as straightforward as the Lame install for mp3’s. I have tried numerous times and the doggone thing will not install and allow my Audacity to import an m4a file. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Do you have Audacity 2.2.1?

Did you download [u]FFmpeg-win-2.2.2.exe[/u]?

What happened when you ran the EXE file? Any error messages?

After running the installer you should have a folder (somewhere under Program Files) called FFmpeg For Audacity that contains some DLLs and some other FFmpeg related files. (And Audacity should find it automatically.)

I finally got it to work. Had to download and run the program a couple of times. Then I had to close and re-open Audacity to get the program to recognize and adopt the new files. Thanks for your help!