Trouble exporting to stereo wav file

I am using Audacity 2.2.2 on a macOS Sierra (version 10.12). I am trying to export an audacity project with two channels to a stereo wav file, but when I went to File => Export => Export as WAV, I got a message saying that the file would be mixed down to a single mono channel. This is only problematic because I am trying to keep these channels separate so that I may perform analyses on the two channels in MATlab (the first channel is a metronome created in audacity, the second channel is a response of someone synchronizing to the metronome, and I need to analyze how well they synchronized). So I have a couple of questions:

  1. Can I export the stereo audacity project to a stereo wav file to retain the integrity of both channels?
  2. If not, is there a way to save each channel individually as a wav file?

Thank you!!

I think that you have two mono channels and not a stereo channel.

What does it say in the Track Control Panel(s) to the left of the waveforms - mono or stereo.

You can either join the two together to make a stereo track and the Export it as a stereo file - click on the track name or the little black triangle to the right of the track name in the topmost of the two tracks. This will give you the dropdown context menu - from which you choose Make Stereo Track.

Or you can export each mono track to its own separate file using Export Multiple and using the Tracks method not the Labels method - if you have no labels it will default to tracks.