trouble exporting compressed narrations into 2011 PPT on Mac

Using Audacity 2.1.2 (dmg) to narrate slides created in 2011 PPT on my iMac (El Capitan). Need to compress audio. Cannot do this via MP3 (Lame won’t open).

Then, need to move all of this into PC-partitioned Windows 10, to make MP4 movies under 40MB.

(Lame won’t open)

Any idea why? Do you get an error code or message?
What does Audacity > Preferences > Libraries say? Can you locate Lame that way?

iTunes used to be able to open a sound file and make an MP3. Macs don’t need Audacity for that.

That may be a good get out of jail card.

Doesn’t PowerPoint have its own processing and conversions? I can’t believe they make users go through all that.


Instructions for installing Audacity:
Instructions for installing LAME:
Instructions for exporting as MP3: