Trouble exporting any file

Help!! My version of 2.2.1 just disappeared from my desktop so I downloaded the new 2.2.2 version. Having nothing but problems, so uninstalled and reinstalled.
Same problems. Can’t export a file as wav. or anything. Keep getting the message . .‘file not found.’
When installing the program I got the error message: lPersitFile::SaveFailed;codeox80070002.
Can anyone help me. I love this program but need to be able to depend on it. I regularly used it to record radio programs.

Any idea why?
Things don’t just disappear from computers unless there is something very wrong.

I have no idea. Nothing seems to be wrong with my computer. I use Audacity once a week and went to use it today and it was gone. So
had to download it again. Got the download error message as previously stated but didn’t have any problems using the program. Recorded a 15 minute segment
and saved as audacity project, but now it won’t let me export the file.

I have no idea what that error means, but I’m guessing that Audacity isn’t the only thing that got erased/damaged. :frowning:

I’m guessing Windows got damaged and you may have to recover, repair, or re-install. And, possibly the root cause is a failing hard drive.

Did you download Audacity via the Audacity website: Audacity ® | Downloads
What is the full and exact name of the file that you downloaded?

When exactly do you get that message? (step by step, what do you do to create that message?)

What sort of computer are you using?
Is it attached to a network?
Are you using an external hard drive?

Not quite. The error code is 0x80070002 (first character is a zero).
That’s a file system error.

Steve, thanks for responding. There is nothing wrong with the computer or hard drive. I am using a new Dell laptop. There are no other glitches in any other software or hardware on this computer. I do remember a windows update was halted last week (because my battery ran out). Upon trying to use Audacity this week, it was not on my desktop. So I downloaded it again and reinstalled it. At the very end of the install I got that message and code. I uninstalled it and reinstalled. Got the same code at the end. However, I went ahead and used it; working fine. Saved my recording as an .aup file in the same folder as always. Then when I went to export as .wav into a folder, it keeps saying ‘file not found.’ The file is listed in an Audacity folder, but can’t find it elsewhere on my computer. I’m puzzled.

I uninstalled it and reinstalled.

The Windows installer has a place to click so it resets Audacity settings and preferences. If you didn’t click that, then possibly damaged settings stay around no matter how many times you reinstall.

Saved my recording as an .aup file in the same folder as always.

This is an Audacity Project.

If you don’t have or can’t find both parts, then you don’t have a show. The AUP file is a Project Manager that tells Audacity what to do with all that stuff in the _DATA folder.

I do remember a windows update was halted last week (because my battery ran out).

And now you have seemingly random, odd, unexplained Audacity errors.

A Windows elf needs to post about checking Windows system health. There are drive health checks too. Spinning Metal?

“…checks for problems that may happen if Windows is shut down improperly…”



Please tell us the full and exact error message. I don’t think we can go further without that information.

Can you offer any other explanation for why you got a lPersitFile::Save failure?

Problem resolved!
Steve, thanks. The windows ‘reset preferences’ did the trick. I am able to export my files now.
I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it. However, I still got the error message at the very end of the install.
The message is exactly this: IPersistFile::Save Failed;code0x80070002
The System Cannot Find The File Specified

There doesn’t seem to be any problems with the program though.
Thanks for your help.

Had the same issue earlier today. What was the fix?