trouble deleting, importing Mp4s

Mac Sierra Audacity 2.3

I found that the earlier versions of Audacity were less cluttered.

I am finding it very difficult to delete. Previously, I would grey out the area and click delete.

My problems are mostly with the intro. It’s also difficult to see where the music is currently playing. The vertical lines don’t seem as pronounced.

Is there a way to edit the song so it starts and ends at a certain time without bothering to delete?

I also am having a difficult time finding the file in my Mac which will enable Audacity to import Mp4s. Suggestions?


You can hide parts of Audacity you don’t want to see : untick the toolbars you don’t want …

https ://

Audacity has different color schemes you can pick : some are more visible than others.

The easiest way is to select the region you want to hear with the mouse …

Instructions on how to obtain & install that (FFmpeg) software are here …
https ://
(Although apparently Audacity on Mac does not need FFmpeg to play MP4 files)