Trouble adding labels at playback position

When I try to add labels at the playback position with Command + ., they always get added at the same place. It doesn’t seem to matter where the playback cursor is. I’m using Audacity 2.02, release build, dated 21 aug 2012, and Mac OSX 10.8.2.

Here is a short screen capture that shows the problem:

This used to work with 1.3.x; I just upgraded to 2.02 today.


I thought the shortcut you need for that on a Mac is Command + M (it’s certainly Ctrl+M on Windows)

The shortcut for Add Label at Playback Position on Mac is indeed command-. (period) since command-M is the system shortcut to minimize the window.

However, I can’t reproduce this problem with 2.0.2 on my machine. Could you give us more details of your setup?

– Bil

Ah sorry, for some reason, I was hitting “Ctrl + .” instead of Command. I’ve been switching between Mac and Windows a lot lately … blame that :slight_smile: Oddly, hitting “Ctrl + .” does add a label at the cursor position (not the playback position, if that makes sense), and names it “.” . Anyway, Command + . works as expected.