Triple recording

Hi. I recorded a Seminar but when I exported as mp3 - lo and behold, I have 3 Messages on top of each other, that means when I listen, I hear 3 Messages at once. How can I separate them and record the 3 as separate mp3? :frowning:

How can I separate them and record the 3 as separate mp3?

If all you have is the MP3 with all the voices at once, you’re stuck.

If you saved the Audacity Project after the seminar, then open the Project, select one of the timelines and File > Export Selected. Then do the same thing with number two and then number three.

You probably did that by stopping and starting twice during the seminar. Audacity would have started a new show each time you did that. Next time, you can stop a recording and then press Shift-R for Append Recording and the existing show will keep going.


Thanks for your reply. The Problem is that we don’t have separate Sound timelines. The double recording is on timeline 1 (the only one). I asked a peron who knows the Programme and he said, he cannot explain or help.

When you exported multiple tracks to an MP3, Audacity would have warned you that they would be mixed down in the exported file.