TrimSilence and Plug-ins that do not come by default in Audacity 2.4.1.

Nyquist Plug-ins that do not come by default in Audacity 2.4.1. , are they no longer compatible? For example the TrimSilence.ny. Someone can confirm it? Thank you.


If you installed from the ubuntuhandbook1 PPA maintained by Panda Jim, there appears to be a packaging error that has omitted the plugins. He has been informed but I’ve received no response back yet.


When asking about specific Nyquist plug-ins, please provide a link to where the plug-in can be downloaded. There are hundreds of Nyquist plug-ins, and some have multiple versions, so without this information we don’t know exactly which plug-in you are using / trying to use.

Hi Steve, thanks for replying. I apologize for not posting the link. I’m new, and I don’t speak English very well. I am using Archlinux, and download the plug-in direct from the Audacity wiki:

Trim Silence

I installed it manually in the folder “.audacity-data/Plug-Ins”. Then I went to the “Plug-in Manager” to enable it, but it does not appear in the list of plug-ins. I uninstalled Audacity, clear hidden folder settings. Then I reinstalled it, but the problem continues. The same happens to me with the rest of the plug-ins downloaded from the wiki. For example Pseudo-Stereo


Hi Neil. I thank you for responding. I am using Archlinux. I installed it manually from the Audacity wiki. As I mentioned to Steve in the other comment.

My audacity log.txt in Archlinux

22:03:11: Audacity 2.4.1
22:03:11: Warning: Cannot set locale to language “Spanish”.
22:03:11: Error: locale ‘es_ES’ cannot be set.
22:03:11: Aviso: Critical Nyquist files could not be found. Nyquist effects will not work.
22:03:13: Trying to load FFmpeg libraries…
22:03:13: Trying to load FFmpeg libraries from system paths. File name is ‘’.
22:03:13: Checking for monolithic avformat from ‘’.
22:03:13: avformat not monolithic
22:03:13: Loading avutil from ‘/usr/lib/’.
22:03:13: Loading avcodec from ‘/usr/lib/’.
22:03:13: Loading avformat from ‘’.
22:03:13: Actual avutil path /usr/lib/
22:03:13: Actual avcodec path /usr/lib/
22:03:13: Actual avformat path /usr/lib/
22:03:13: Importing symbols…
22:03:13: All symbols loaded successfully. Initializing the library.
22:03:13: Retrieving FFmpeg library version numbers:
22:03:13: AVCodec version 0x3a3664 - 58.54.100 (built against 0x3a3664 - 58.54.100)
22:03:13: AVFormat version 0x3a1d64 - 58.29.100 (built against 0x3a1d64 - 58.29.100)
22:03:13: AVUtil version 0x381f64 - 56.31.100 (built against 0x381f64 - 56.31.100)
22:03:13: FFmpeg libraries loaded successfully.

It has just been fixed in Archlinux. A new update has been released that fixes the problem. New package: audacity-1: 2.4.1-3