trimming first 5 seconds of 300 mp3

Is there a way to remove the first 5 seconds of more than 300 mp3 with audacity?

Many thanks!

You may not want to. Audacity doesn’t edit MP3. It converts an MP3 to its own internal format and then edits that. When it’s done, it has to create a new MP3 and the compression distortion (honking, bubbling) doubles. If you make new MP3s that don’t do that, they will be very large and won’t fit on your music player any more.

But if you want to try anyway, Audacity has “Chains” which is a batch processor.


If you wish to do that (given the “quality issue” that Koz mentioned) and each track is less than 10 minutes duration, then you can use the “Extract Audio” plug-in in a chain (download from: Missing features - Audacity Support
Instructions to install the plug-in: Missing features - Audacity Support

You might try [u]MP3DirectCut[/u]. It’s an MP3 editor that can do (limited) MP3 editing without decompressing/re-compressing, so it won’t degrade sound quality.

It does have batch processing features, but I’ve never used that feature so I can’t help you with the automation.

or mp3splt