Trimming/Cutting/Deleting Part of aTrack

I have a project that I have added a small track to at the end (little guitar in the background during fade out).
I cannot Trim/Cut/Delete the part of the ‘track’ that has no recording?? The track starts at 3 mins in.
I want to remove everything from the project from before the 2mins 57sec point, so I can play the project to show just the solo at the end with the other tracks - I do not want to mix it down etc - i.e. ‘Export selection’.
I don’t know how to explain it - but I want to get rid of everything from before 2mins 57 secs, if I try to cut or trim or delete, the guitar solo track stays where it is staring at 3 mins, when all the other tracks have been cut etc. to the few seconds that I need.
Clear as mud, doubt anyone can help a newbie as vague as me.

If you use the latest version of Audacity, you can grab the top of the clip and drag it leftwards until it starts where you want it to.

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