Trim imported files by exact time point

can you trim mp3 or wav using audacity,not by selecting parts,but by specifying start and end point ,

lets say

2:12:32 to 4:12:42 seconds

is it possible?

I need millisecond details ,and I need help trimming this way,help asap please.


Yes, use Selection Toolbar to select exact time regions.

See this Tutorial: .

You would be better not to trim MP3’s in Audacity because Audacity re-encodes the MP3. This means the file loses quality. Use a direct MP3 editor instead. See: .


what about wav files,is that fine?

Audacity re-encodes WAV files just the same as it re-encodes any audio file on export.

However WAV (and AIFF and FLAC) are lossless formats, so rewriting the file doesn’t cause any quality loss.


so its safe to use this method with wav files right?

What happened when you tried it? Did it work as expected?