Trim dead space before and after file Batch processing

I do a lot of work with IVR messages. I am looking for a way to batch process the follow tasks:

  1. Standardize 25 ms of silence before voice energy starts and after the voice energy ends on the audio file.
  2. Normalize the volume of the audio file to x decibles.

Does anyone know of a batch tool that will allow for this? Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Batch processing macros in Audacity = “chain”.
Remove dead space in Audacity = “truncate silence”.

Thanks for that information. Question though, will it also truncate dead space in the middle of a file if there is dead space there? I am looking for a way to trim dead space only at the beginning and end of the file.

Thanks again.

It will kill silences everywhere.

You are bumping into Audacity’s inability to manage edit or navigation points.“Go to this time.” “Go five minutes back.” “Select three minutes.”

Those tools may be necessary to do what you want.