Tried all suggested fixes. Still can't record in stereo.

Hi all,

I am on Windows 7, using Audacity 2.0.3, downloaded via .exe. I have gone through these forums as well as elsewhere trying to figure out to record my external mic in stereo. I have tried every combination of settings on my pc but to no avail.

Are there any kinds souls who might help me troubleshoot this. My ultimate goal is to record my voice in stereo and a guitar in stereo. I am using an M-Audio Fast Track MKii.

I have double-checked that all USB and wire connections were seated correctly. I have tried changing the format of the USB device from 24 to 16 bit. The built-in mic on my laptop records voice in stereo just fine, but my external will not.



Current Audacity is 2.0.5: .

Where did you change that? If in “Default Format” in Windows “Sound” did you choose a stereo 16-bit option? See .

Note that if the external mic is mono you can never make it record in stereo. Setting Default Format to stereo and Audacity Device Toolbar to stereo will still create identical left and right channels.