tricky feedback removal

Hello All,

I’m trying to prepare a load of my old shambolic recordings for some kind of release and there’s one song with a bit of feedback that I didn’t intend that has been bothering me for years. I’ve tried so many things to get rid of it. The tape is either long gone or at least on a different continent so I’m working with mp3s… the mix is a bit of a jungle and there’s no point where the feedback is alone. If anybody can help I’d be overwhelmingly grateful!!

This better? The tools couldn’t agree on the pitch of the howl, so I faked it.

Effect > Notch Filter > 4220Hz Q=8

There’s actually two different “things” in there. I didn’t touch the crisp, hash sound.


At work so haven’t had chance to try it on a larger scale or with headphones, but that sounds fantastic. You’re a star!

Fortunately, feedback like that tends to happen in a regenerative, slightly resonant system. In English, it happens at a single pitch tone which makes it a stationary, easy target for the Audacity tools. If you have a very high quality PA system, sometimes those will howl at more than one pitch or they slide around. In that case you are, as the technical phrase goes, “in doo-doo.”