Trial Version - female voice

On Windows 10 instead of recording played music, “Trial Version” - a female voice can be heard repeatedly.
Since I used an earlier version and liked it I read all the help and Forum. “Trial version” does not exist!
The advice did not help; downloaded from other source, several times, looked for plug ins, etc. It needed 1 hour.

The solution: New Windows (or card) does not allow to record playbacks / streaming.
It was easy getting through:
Above the Waves, left: Not MME but Windows Wasapi, middle, device: looping audio e.g. loudspeaker.
(I think Audacity could mention how to solve this problem, before new users turn to other product.)
The program works nicely - congratulations. :smiley:

That is correct, there is no trial version of Audacity, however, we have seen this issue before and it was caused by a trial version of a plug-in that was present on the machine. Whatever is making the “Trial version” in a female voice, it is not Audacity.

It’s also possible that you don’t have the “real” Audacity. The current official version is 3.0.0 and can be downloaded from [u][/u].