Tremolo effect now limited to 10hz?

I remember in an older version that the tremolo effect would be able to go higher than 10 hz. Is there any way to do this in the new version? (I’m taking a guess that I’m going to have to get a new tremolo plugin, aren’t I?)

Also sorry if this post is in the wrong area. I’m new lol

When you are new it’s probably best to post in the board for your operating system.

Nyquist plugins are validated for text input when there is a slider. We can probably make this more flexible later.

However Nyquist plugins are text files so can be edited in Notepad or your favourite text editor.

Open tremolo.ny and change the 10 in line 22 to something a little higher:

;control lfo "Frequency (Hz)" real "" 4 0 10


Alright. Thanks :slight_smile: