Transport section etc separate from audio

I’m using MacOS Mojave Version 10.14.4 & audacity 2.3.2.

HI So great you have integrated MP3 option :smiley: as I am not technical and for me a nightmare to try to do, :unamused: I didn’t realise this software was so new so this could be a teething problem to be ironed out: All of the bars on my new audacity download are separated, scattered around my desktop from the main audio section - so I have to find and drag them to the audacity box . I deleted the plug in file and now I do have the record buttons on the audacity box but monitoring cutting levels etc are randomly everywhere floating (not moving)on my desktop. How can I integrate the buttons to the audacity box? (I can forward a screen shot if that would help?) Also how do you record a new track without creating a whole new box? If I click record it will add onto the current track, if I click file - new I get the whole audacity box again. I think this will make it harder for when I want to add music in a separate track to go with current rack. Hope that makes sense . Thanks for your help in advance

This problem of “scattered toolbars” seems to happen occasionally when very old versions of Audacity are updated to the latest version. I’m not sure exactly what causes it as I’ve not been able to reproduce the problem myself, but the “fix” is very simple:

View menu > Toolbars > Reset Toolbars

OMG it worked THANKS heaps - you are a miracle worker!! :smiley: (btw I’ve sussed the new track thing! I was clicking new file)