Transport Control Buttons

I was just casually using Audacity 2.1.1 on Mac OS X 10.7.5 when I noticed that both the green “Play” transport control buttons sometimes have a white vertical line through the centre of its triangular icon. When I hover the mouse pointer over the button, the line disappears. I’ve never seen this before in earlier versions. Strange.

Does it happen both when the window is moved and when it is attached to the menu bar?

Can you possibly give us a screenshot? You can use COMMAND + SHIFT + 3 to save an image of the screen to your Desktop. Please see here for how to attach files:


OK I attach a screenshot. You can also see that the “record” button is affected as well. It has the “skip to end” icon superimposed on it. If I hover the mouse pointer over the “record” button, the problem disappears (the button looks normal again). This is weird. All I did was create a few tracks and did some basic editing. This makes Audacity look really buggy!
Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 4.22.26 PM.png

Do you have the COMMAND key pressed on your keyboard?

I’ll tell you what. I just closed Audacity and re-opened my project. When I press the SHIFT key this is what happens (see screenshot). When I release the SHIFT key everything goes back to normal. What’s happening? Someone fix this.
Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 5.11.22 PM.png

Holding the shift key down changes the behaviour of the “Play” command so that playback loops repeatedly.
If there is an audio selection, the selected audio will play repeatedly.
If there is no audio selection, the full project will play repeatedly.

To start “loop play” you can either, hold down the shift key and click the “Play” button, or hold the shift key down and press the spacebar.

The modified icon on the Play button is meant to indicate playing repeatedly.

See here for more details:

Note that there will be some changes to the playback features in the next version of Audacity. The manual for the next version has the details and will be available when Audacity 2.1.2 is released.

Also the changed appearance of the Record button with shift down is for append-record. New audio is added to the end of the existing track (if there is one), not put into a new track.

Holding ctrl on Windows or command on Mac and pressing Play performs the cut-preview play of some sound before and after the selection, so you know what a deletion will sound like before you do it. The C key by default does the same.

Well those are new features I’m not aware of, and it makes it look like there are bugs in the software. Looks like there is some learning I need to do to catch up to the latest version.

How do you explain the problem I had in the first screenshot though? I was not pressing any keys at all. Could it be a glitch? Interference with other applications?

I cannot reproduce the problem I had initially but I am sure it will happen again. When it does, I will post here.

I see that when I press shift-ctrl on Windows. I do not expect it when neither is down.