Translating from a vector line into sound

Hi All,

I an working on an art project where I am interested in turning a vector line into sound - the x axis would be time, and the y axis would be pitch (inspired by the composer, Iannis Xenakis’ computer assisted sound drawings.) I have to admit I have no background in programming, but I was wondering if anyone knows of program out there that does this already? Or, would anyone be interested in helping out in this effort as a part of an art installation at University of Michigan? In short, I would be creating vector based lines (from a cad program such as autocad) and hopefully someone can help me translate these various lines into sound.

I would be happy to explain more about our project.
Many thanks - WVL

[Other create-sound-from-image programmes are available]

Practical application …

There’s a surprising amount of interest in this:

Here’s the one in Trebor’s demo

Information about Xenakis UPIC system:

And a load of other stuff:

thanks everyone!