transferring multiple tracks fro real Player

I am a new user and suck. When I transfer over 4 tracks, they all play at once and is garbled, of course.
How does one sequence them so that they all run, one after each o ther. I am trying to create an audio track
for slide show in Picassa. That Picassa software appears to only let one transfer a single track.

Query: I can’t seem to locate the answer in instructions. Help. Thanks.

Two ways. You can use what you have now and the Time Shift Tool (sideways black arrows) to push track two to the right so it starts after track one. Then push track three to the right until it starts after one and two. etc. They’ll merge when you Export.

The other way is to select each track by clicking on the specification number panel to the left and copy/paste one to the end of the other.

Audacity does not have Import-Append which is really want you want.


For clarification, Koz is referring to the Audacity Project with 4 tracks in it.
This is the recommended method.
(Keyboard shortcut for the “Time Shift” tool is the F5 key. Shorcut to go back to the normal “Selection” tool is the F1 key).

NOT recommended on Audacity 1.2.x. In Audacity 1.2.x this can often cause “bad things” to happen.

Here’s the “Time Shift” tool in the manual: