Hi, and thanks in advance for any help.
My PC: Windows 7 32 bit
My Audacity: 2.2.2.
The minidisks contain my own recordings, 25 tracks or more, seperated with track markers.
My player is a Sony MDS -JE520.
I am using the Toslink out to an adapter and from there I go coaxially to the input of my Auzen X-Fi Prelude 7.1 sound card.
Recording is perfect (whether I use MMS, Direct Sound or Wasapi) with the exception that the track markers are not transferred as well, and the resulting WAV file is one single 3-hour file. Any ideas would be appreciated.

You will need to add markers (“labels”) yourself, then you can “Export Multiple” to export each marked section as a separate file. The procedure is the same as when recording tapes or vinyl:

Thanks very much Steve for this so quick reply. I know this procedure as I have digitized lots of vinyl. I was hoping, and actually I have read on the internet elsewhere in the past, that if you go digitally as I am via toslink etc, it is possible to keep the markers during transfer. In my recent search of the net for details about this I came up with nothing. So, you too are saying that this is impossible. In case you come up with a different idea, please let me know. Thanks very much!

Not with Audacity. I don’t know if any other programs can do that or not.

Thanks Steve for your help!