Transferring LPs to computer

I am recording LPs to my HP Envy computer with Windows 10 operating system. I connect turntable to Pro-Ject Audio Systems Record Box E, which connects to computer via USB turntable.

I record with Audacity 2.1.2. When I connect to Audacity, the Recording Device shows ‘Microphone (2-USB Audio CODEC)’. I would like to use ‘Realtek High Definition Audio’, but my computer shows it blocked out. I downloaded the drivers. How do I get ‘Realtek High Definition Audio’, and should I get it for the best possible sound?

When you use an external USB device you are not using your Realtek soundcard/soundchip. And, you’re typically using the Microsoft-supplied drivers.

Assuming nothing goes wrong, Audacity should accurately capture digital data stream going over the USB interface.

As Doug says - and it is extremely likely that the electronics in your Project device is likely to be of a far higher standard than the onboard soundcard in your PC.