Transferring Audacity Files to CD: Timing

I am having one particular issue in transferring vinyl to CD using Audacity, and Geek Squad has, unfortunately, left me as befogged as before. Maybe someone here can help:

When I transfer a song to either Nero of ITunes to be burned into a CD, the particular song is listed as being (say) 20 minutes long, when I know the song in question is only about 2 minutes, 30 seconds. How do you “cut off” that extra time when transferring a selection to be burned? There must be a way, I just haven’t found it yet.

Please help. That’s the only problem I’m having.

I feel like I’ve walked in half way through a movie.

Can you fill in some background. What’s wrong with this description: You’ve recorded some tracks from vinyl with Audacity and exported them as WAV format. The exported files play correctly from start to end, but for some strange reason they show as being ten times longer than they really are when I select them in Nero for burning to CD.

Well, I recorded several vinyl albums for a friend, using Audacity, and split the individual songs using “label at selection” to do this. I’ve separated the songs to a folder, to be transferred to Nero to burn a CD. When I transfer it, though, the song runs something like 20 minutes, with a lot of blank space, before the next song, using up a lot of CD space and my patience. It used to be so much easier.

I assume you are making WAV files?

When you play the WAV file by itself, does it have all of that extra silence? Or when you re-open it in Audacity, do you see the silence?

Worst case, you can open the files one at-a-time, delete the extra silence, and re-export.

I’m not sure what’s going wrong… Are you following this tutorial: [u]Splitting a recording for export as separate tracks[/u]?

Personally, I combine both sides of the record to make one big WAV file. Then, I use a [u]Cue Sheet[/u] with my CD burning software (I use ImgBurn) to set the track markers.

Or if I’m making MP3s, I select & export one song at a time (not using labels).