Transferring a Chain to another Audacity User [SOLVED]


Just dropped in for the first time…

I’m working collaboratively with some colleagues on a shared set of projects.

I’ve set up a Chain using several commands and all with non-default parameters.

Clearly it would take some time for all my colleagues to recreate this identical Chain for themselves.

Just wondering if there’s any way I can transfer the Chain from me to them as a self-contained file?

Thanks in anticipation


Chains are stored as text files in the “Chains” folder in Audacity’s folder for application data. You can copy those files and send them to others, and they can then put them into their Chains folder. An updated list of Chains will be available next time you open “Edit Chains” in Audacity.
Details on this page of the manual:

Three things to note:

Check that you are all using the same version of Audacity otherwise you will probably run into compatibility problems. To see the exact version number, look in “Help > About Audacity”. The current version is 2.1.2.

If they already have a chain with the same name as the file that you send, they will need to rename either the new or their old file if they want to avoid overwriting their old file. The name of the file is used as the name of the Chain.

If you are using optional plug-in effects, they will need to ensure that they have those plug-ins installed.

Got it!

Many thanks… should have read ALL the manual page on Edit Chains… :blush:

You’re welcome.
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