transfering settings from one project to another

Good afternoon. I am using Lion with the latest version of Audacity from the DMG file. I have created EQ presets and would like to be able to migrate them to different projects. Example: I am working on a project for church where I am mixing the music from the different services. Rather than having to import the files and then apply the EQ to each track using the presets I saved is there a way to save a blank project with the eqs already applied to the tracks so that when I import the files they will assume the settings of each track? I’m just looking for a way to streamline the process of always having to apply the EQ each time I create a new project. The tracks are usually the same in each, kick, snare, tom and so on. Thanks.

You could add Equalization (configured to use your preset) to a “Chain”, import the files then apply the Chain to the current project ( ).