transfering from record player to PC

I have used audacity on windows xp in the past. I have just got a new laptop with windows 8 and downloaded the latest version of audacity. The first recording went well without a hitch onto my laptop and transferred to my MP3 player. However when I tried a second recording there was just a straight line on the recording section with no sound waves. Can you offer a solution.

Many thanks

If you have USB phonograph, did you unplug it and then plug it back in? Audacity checks for devices when it starts, but forgets anytime. So it may not know the phonograph is there.


I have tried to use the unit on a number of times so each time is a new plug in, but I still have the same result. Is there some modification of download required for windows 8?


Have you tried rebooting your computer?
Check the recording levels in the Windows Sound Control Panel before you launch Audacity.

The correct version of Audacity to use is 2.0.6 from

Other than that it’s a hardware issue not a question of different software versions. Is it a turntable connected by USB cable or not?

If it’s a USB turntable then Windows has to see the device in Windows Sound.

And the device has to be connected before you launch Audacity.

You have to choose the USB Audio CODEC (or similar name) for the turntable as the recording device in Device Toolbar. Choose the computer speakers as playback device in Device Toolbar. It should look like this:

If Windows only sees the device now and then, make sure the USB cable fits tightly both ends and try changing the USB cable.


if each time is a new plug-in, You have to plug in the USB before you start Audacity.