transfering aup,s to itunes

I have been browsing the forum pages to find a reasonably easy way to transfer my audacity projects to my itunes library
but I have not been able to find a solution.
I notice one of the beginners is also having the problem.
I have been very successful, transferring some lovely old records to C.Ds .
, just hoping someone has got an easier way that’s all.
Cheers Everyone
Keep up the Good Work

Open an Audacity project then export it as WAV or MP3, then you have files that iTunes can work with.
File-Export As will export the entire project as a single file. However if you have more than one LP track in the project, use track markers to split the file and then use File-Export Multiple to save several individual files.

As locopomo says -

and also if you have already made CDs from your projects you should be able to rip them into your iTunes library, just the way you do with your commercially purchased CDs. And you may even find that for some of them the track information is already stored in the online database that iTunes references.


Thank you Locopomo, Thank you Waxcylinder, that was a very quick reply and it worked a treat.
I’ve just made a couple of great C.D.s , staying indoors instead of being out in this lovely sunshine, I must have got the BUG.
Thank’s Again Fellers

I have been asked by a 93 year old friend if it is possible to transfer old 78s to C.D his records are classics and I’m a bit afraid to have a go, just in case I cause some damage.
Has anybody tried it ?? was it successful ??? are there any tips or pitfalls to avoid???
Every one has been wonderfully helpful with my other questions, hope I’m still going to be lucky.
Thank’s again everyone.
desmo 11225

Yes people have done this (not me personally) but there are postings on the forum that indicate success with 78’s

Point’s to watch for:

  1. DON’T clean them with any alcohol-based solvent

  2. You need a special stylus designed for 78’s - the’re bigger and fatter than stereo vinyl styli

  3. if you do not have a TT with 78rpm, you can use the Change Speed feature in Audacity to record at 45 or 33 and shift it up to 78 (this is not optimal though)

  4. the RIAA equalizaton curves used for 78s are not the same as for 33rpm vinyl - indeed they vary by 78 manufacturer. However to help you here Audacity has several pre-defined RIAA equalization curves to suit different makes of 78.

5) Oh, and don’t drop them - they are fragile and break easily


Hello Waxcylinder.
Once again thank you for your help re. transferring old 78 records to C.D I have been successful and our 93 year old friend is really grateful.
I did 2 records for him, one was Enrico Caruso [The first major tenor to record] singing “Because” and “Mia Canzone” a single, Caruso died in 1921 by the way, and an L.P. of Ivor Novello’s "Dancing Years from Drury Lane.
I bought a 78 stylus from Maplins £14-99
Cleaned the records with Hot Breath and soft toilet tissue.
You need to Edit-Select-then click All. Then open Effect and choose Change Speed immediately after you have recorded your record ei Before saving your file.
I only used “normalise” no cleaning.
No I did’nt drop one.
Thanks again waxcylinder, another success
All the Best


glad it worked for you - and glad that your 93 year-old friend can hear his old records again.

I used to have a couple of Caruso 78s - in fact I used to have a lot of 78s - but my parents threw them out many years go when I left home. I still feel the loss …

The 78 stylus was definitely worth buying because not only is it better for the 78s - playing 78s with a modern stereo stylus tends to trash the stylus.


Hello Everyone
The Audacity Team Forum is the one and only forum I have ever joined and I have been VERY impressed with the help I have received.
As you know I have been very successful with my projects so far, transfering my vinyl records to C.D and also 78s to C.D. I have also made some very good Slide Shows with Adobe Photoshop Elements 4 using digital photo’s, narration, transitions and of course music from my converted vinyl records.
I would like to now make Slide Shows using all my photographs BEFORE digital i.e old holiday and family photographs.
Has anyone tried this??? Is it a viable proposition??? I should think I will need a decent printer/scanner, mine are very ordinary???
If someone knows a forum as good as the Audacity Team Forum that I could join to have some guidance I would very much appreciate it.
I wish I could be of help to other people myself but I am a real SILVER SURFER 83 yrs young so not really skilful enough to give advice to others.
Anyhow THANK you all once again.

Hello again Desmo - yes it is perfectly feasible to scan old photos - I am part way through mine (temporarily abandoned since I started on the Audio). I did buy a scanner specifically for photos which had an additional gadget that went on the scanner - so that I scan direct from 35mm slides and negatives - this gives better results normally than just scanning the photos. The one I bought is quite old now ( an Epson Perfection 1200 Photo) so probaly superseded by a more up-to-date model.

The only downside is that just like digitizing Audio - it can be quite time consuming.


Thank You Again waxcylinder for your prompt reply.
Since!!! I have had a good look round and found several forums that confirm what you told me but they were also much more negative than you.
What I did see was that the forums were quite old i.e. year 2006, do you know of a more up to date forum and surely there must be some more up to date info around by now.
I also noted that this was a very sort after project, someone has had a good go at it surely
Thank You Once Again waxcylinder
Take Care

Desmo, sorry no forums that I can point you to for this - it all just worked sweetly for me: scan, upload - a bit of photoshopping occasionally - file and backup. I encounterted no real problems so had no need of help from forums.

When you say they were more negative - what were they complaining about?


As you know I have converted quite a lot of vinyl records to C.D now and feel I am quite skillful but every now and then I have some tracks that are lost i.e a 26 track double album I did this week I lost 3 of them.
They either only record e few seconds or say they are not av. presumably meaning not average…
I have’nt bothered in the past but 2 of the 3 tracks I lost this week were really good ones.
Once again I am asking for help
Sorry WC I had’nt picked up your reply re. putting old photographs on C.D. they were negative in as much as there was a major problem with specks of dust on negatives and slides and finding the right scanners, all in all putting you off having a go.
I wont do that though, I’ll definitely be working on that project, I have a friend who wants to do it too, so we’ll get ourselves sorted, thanks for your encouragement anyway
Take Care

So Desmo, it’s on a parallel with Audio capture/resporation where we get rid of clicks/pops/noise - I have effected some resonable repairs on many of my old precious photos quite eaily with Photoshop - well worth the effort.


I have been successful transferring a lot of my L.P.s to C.D. and feel I am quite skillful but every now and then I lose some of the tracks i.e an L.P I did this week with 26 tracks I lost 3, it is either only a few seconds long or it says Not AV. presumably meaning Not Average.
Previously I have’nt bothered about it but this time I lost 2 really good tracks.
Is there a solution please
Thank You Again

Hello waxcylinder
It’s a long time since I contacted you, April in fact, I’ve converted lots of records to C.Ds now, all very good.
Coming up though is in the lower left hand corner of Audacity is : Time left for recording 30 minutes :
This started off about 40 Hours.
Question is What happens next .
Hope I’m not in too much trouble.
Thank You once again for all Your help in the past.
All the Best
desmo 11225

Hello again Desmo,

this is a potentially serious problem for you that requires farly URGENT attention.

It means that you are running out of hard drive space on your disc and that means soon that evrything on your computer may stop working for lack of space. So it is important that you feee up some space on the disc and if you are on Windows then also defrag the disc.

When you work on Audacity projects Audacity creates a .aup file, a folder and in the folder loads of little .au files. These are really for production purposes only and once you have exported your project to WAV and backed up the WAV files and probably burned a CD of the project - then you should be in a position to safely delete all the .au amd .aup files for the project.

WAV files themselves take up a lot of space - so what I do is to have two external USB discs (currently 250 GB each - such discs are reasonably cheap these days). These discs contain duplicate copies of all the WAV files I have made with Audacity - my son in London also gets an occasional copy on his disc (he thinks he is borrowing my music - but really he is my off-site backup) . On My PC what remains is copies of the WAV files compressed to AAC format in my iTunes library - gives a space saving of about 8 to 1 or 10 to 1. I do also burn CDRs of all the LPs I convert as an additional backup.

If I was being extremely thorough I would save not only the edited post-production WAV files, but also the raw WAV files just as recorded off the LP so that I could go back later and re-edit from the original source. Bt I figure that if I want to do that I always still have the LP and I can always re-record.

Kind regards,

If you are on Windows, the next thing is that Windows crashes horribly. Make more space before attempting to record. Windows should always have a minimum of 10% free disk space at all times.

On a Linux machine, the next thing is that you get a warning that you are out of disk space, and you may not be able to save your project until you have made enough space. Also, Audacity may lock up and you may loose your current project.

(Just reiterating WC’s answer really)