transfer voicemails from Samsung to MacPro

Hello, Running 10.7.5 on a 4+yr old MacPro and 2.1.2 Audacity opened from the dl window.
Trying to get many vmails saved from my Samsung S4 to this Mac (I have an HP desktop as well but will start with this)

The phone has a mini usb and head phone jack… the Mac has USB, Firewire and a speaker/headphone jack.
It isnt picking up the audio when i connect the phone (mini usb) to Mac USB (even when I try each of the 5 input options on Audacity)
Do I need some USB based adapter that signals the mac ive got inbound audio?

When I use headset for speech to text…the Mac “hears” the mic when I select “C-media USB Audio Device”.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Unless it specifically says so, the USB may not be for sound management. Do you hear the messages when you listen to the phone on headphones or headset?

If you do, then you may be able to use something like a Behringer UCA202 analog/USB adapter and just the right cables. That will adapt dual RCA connectors to USB and back.

This is it adapting my analog mixer to my computer.

Switch to USB Audio CODEC in Audacity and start recording. You may need to juggle volumes a bit. Try not to record higher than half-size blue waves and -6 on the bouncing sound meters (same thing measured differently). Too high and you may get crunchy and crackling sound and too low, hissy and noisy.

There’s even a headphone connection on the adapter so you can hear what’s going on.

I don’t see any other options unless there’s provision to export the emails as sound files.


This isn’t the only adapter which will do this, but it’s the one I use and it’s not very expensive.

Other people make other adapters.


If the sound quality isn’t your main concern and you can play the messages one by one on your phone, simply connecting a 3.5 mm jack connector cable to the phone and to the Mac could do the job.

Play a message on the phone, hit record in Audacity, export as wav.

You need to select the audio in port in System preferences/Sound on the Mac first, before you launch Audacity.

And I hope you’ve dragged Audacity from the dmg you downloaded into “Applications” before you run it. If not, Audacity will run from the dmg, but saving something might be a problem.

Direct digital copy should be possible too, but I’m not familiar with the Samsung phone and lots of phones/operators prevent this simple way to copy messages. Isn’t there some software with the phone to transfer messagages?

Mac Pro, so you don’t have a built-in microphone. That’s the desperation method. Play the messages into the microphone.