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I did this once but can’t remember how. I wish to record my records to my computer via my Onkyo receiver . I’m connecting it via HD cable. When I play my record, I just get static feedback. What are the settings do I need? And do I have my receiver on Auxiliary or on Phonograph.


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Connecting what? What’s an “HD cable”?

Is the record playing OK out of the receiver-speakers?

How are you connected to the computer? “Aux-out”, “Tape-out”, “Record-out”, or even “Headphone-out”, is OK into line in (blue) on a regular soundcard. The microphone input on a laptop is no good.

A “regular old” turntable should be plugged-into the phono input on the receiver and it should be switched to phono (or phonograph).

Some newer turntables have a built-in preamp so they can go into an Aux or Tape input, and some have USB for direct connection to a computer.

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I’m connecting my computer and Receiver via HDMI cable. Sorry for typo. And yes I can hear the record just fine via my speakers. I can’t figure out how to set it up where I can hear it through my computer.

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Usually, HDMI on a computer is only an output. Try Listen To This Device (which doesn’t need Audacity or any application) to see if you can select HDMI as input and hear it through your computer speakers/headphones.

If that works you should be able to select it as your Audacity Recording Device. If Windows isn’t getting anything Audacity won’t get anything either.

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Thanks I’ll give that a try. But if that doesn’t work, how do you recommend I connect my computer to my receiver so that the record plays into it and thus I can record?

The Behringer UCA202 is a super-popular USB audio interface with line inputs. Or the similar UFO202 has switchable line/phono inputs.

Both are lacking a recording level control which can occasionally cause problems with a “hot” signal that clips (distorts) the built-in ADC. But if that happens you can use the headphone output on your receiver which, of course, has a volume control.

I have the ART USB Phono Plus which has switchable line/phono inputs and a recording level control.

Or, there are lots of USB audio interfaces with switchable mic/line inputs.

…Don’t buy a “USB soundcard” because they are like laptops with only mic-in and headphone-out.

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