Transfer music on a Mac

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I’d like to know if Audacity permit me to transfer audio from Roland VS880 to a MacBook Pro.
If not, does anyone know how can I do that???


Apparently it has analog and digital output …

Digital would provide better quality than analog, (I dunno what digital file format the VS880 uses) ,
but you could feed it’s analog-out into the mac’s line-in if the digital files cannot be read or converted by modern computers.

Apparently the thing has an output for a CD burner …

If you have the output on CD you will need ripper software …

The file burned to CD is an ISO file …

Re: extracting audio files from an ISO image file …

Extraction of a Track

The only real good reason to extract a track is to extract an audio track to a wave (*.wav) file. This extraction method extracts the user data portion from every block but for audio this is actually exactly the same as extracting Raw. A wave file is a raw audio track with a small header in the beginning of the file. If you select ‘Extract Raw’ you end up with the same file but without the small header in the beginning of the file.

Audacity can import “RAW” (headerless) data …

What I need to do is transfer sound from the Roland VS880 to a Mac through a cable. I have a RSA 2 mini-jack and it has been used in the past. I don’t know which program (or different cables?) to use.
I have garage Band but, as far I’ve understood, it works just if you transfer while you are playing.

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So you just want to play back whatever is on the Roland and record that on your Mac? Is so, then the RCA - 1/8" cable should do the trick. This is no different than recording any other analog source.

– Bill

Hi Bill,
thank you for the answer. Yes I thought also that that cable should do the job. But I didn’t work out how Garage Band will collaborate…
Do you know which program it will work?

I don’t understand the question.

– Bill

My question is
which program I should have on my Mac to be able to transfer music from the Roland to the computer?
I have Garage band but it seems to me that it doesn’t work!

Audacity 1.3.14

I am not familiar with GarageBand.

Please see this page:

Next, fire up the Roland and play something back. On the MacBook go to Apple menu > System Preferences, then the Sound panel then the Input section. Select “Line In” as your input. Adjust the Input Volume control while watching the Input Level meter. At this point you know the Mac is getting sound from the Roland.

Now start Audacity. On the Device Toolbar
set the Input Device drop-down menu to “Line In” and the Channels drop-down menu to “2 (stereo”.

Click the Record button in Audacity - you should now be recording the output of the Roland.

– Bill

I’ve never gotten Garage Band to work, either, although people have. I do everything in Audacity using those instructions.

In general, you use one of these cables…

To connect your mixer or other stereo player to the Stereo Line-In of your Mac. The circle with two black arrows.


Hi Bill,
thank you so much for you precious help.
Merry Christmas!