Transfer multiple files from Audacity 2.0.5 to Windows Media

I’m ripping music from old LPs. After transferring files to Windows Media Player, it says all (maybe 10) were successfully transferred. Sometimes, when I open Windows Media, one or 2 files are not there. What happened?

Audacity only writes to a location on disk, not explicitly to Windows Media Player.

Audacity won’t give messages that include the word “transferred”.

Say exactly format you exported the files in, and exactly where you exported them to.

After exporting, what actions do you take that cause the “transferred” messages to occur?

What version of Windows Media Player is it? Look at Help > About Windows Media Player.


Thanks, Gale, for getting back. I’m not sure which Windows Media Player I have. It’s on a Toshiba laptop, bought 11-12, with Windows 8.0. Since, Microsoft has upgraded to 8.1. After ‘ripping’, I edit: add labels, remove clicks, and normalize. Then hit FILE, and edit Metadata. Then, Export Multiple. The Export Format is: WAV (Microsoft) signed 16 bit. The export location is: C: usermusicnew folder. Then, as each file appears, I click on: OK. Then, a block appears, showing all the files, with a heading that reads: “Successfully Exported the Following files”. Then I click OK. I then exit audacity, and open windows media player. I just tried it again. The LP had 19 songs; it said that all 19 were successfully exported. But, when I opened windows media player, songs # 2,3,7,8,13,and 19 are missing. This doesn’t happen every time, but maybe 1 time in 5. Any solutions? Thanks

You may have to press the ALT key in Media Player to show the menus, then you can check the version in the Help menu.

It will be a version 12 of Media Player, then.

Thanks for the full description.

If you open (what I assume to be) C:UsersMusicNew Folder in Computer and you find all 19 WAV files there, then Audacity did its job and it’s a Media Player problem.

Is the problem that all the files are in the Media Player library, but for some songs, when you click Genre or Artist, those details are “unknown”?

What you should probably do in “Computer” is to right-click over the “Music” folder (which is a virtual not a real folder), choose “Properties” then click the “Location” tab. Make sure that the location is set to the top level folder in which you want your songs to appear.

If you want to add extra locations, hold ALT in Media Player, choose File > Manage Libraries and use the “Add” button.

If all the songs that are in the same location still don’t appear in the Media Player Library, you could try Tools > Advanced > Restore Media Library… and choose “Yes”. This should empty the virtual “Music” folder then when you reopen Media Player it should rescan the folders specified for the “Music” folder. Unfortunately it doesn’t do the rescan for me on Windows 8.1 and there seem to be a lot of complaints about it online, so I would not recommend that unless you are prepared to research into solving that.

We can’t offer help with Windows Media Player, unfortunately.