Transcribing a tune

New to forum, to Audacity, to sound stuff in general …

I’m teaching myself to play mandolin- I want to take an audio fiddle tune and break it up by phrase so I can learn each phrase on its own. Basicallly I’d like to be able to break a tune into 3-5 seconds segments of my choosing, play a section so I can write it down, then play the next section, etc etc etc

Is Audacity ‘the right tool’ to do this?
What is such a function called in the RTFM so I can read up on it?


So you aren’t recording anything after you have the tune in Audacity - just playing it?

You can click and drag a selection in the blue waves. SHIFT-click on the green Play button to loop play that section over and over or just click to play the section once. You may want to label the sections

You may want to play the tune more slowly - making speed changes in real time as per Transcription Toolbar (affecting pitch) or with Change Tempo Effect (not affecting pitch).

Where are you writing down - on a manuscript using pen and paper? Audacity does not come with built in scores you can write on. For doing that, you should find a version of your tune in MIDI format and use something like MuseScore.


Tip: To make a section repeat over and over, select that section with your mouse, then press shift+spacebar.


that may be just the tool I’m after- will let you know :slight_smile:

may come in very handy- thanks

yes- until I find ‘the perfect’ software that will playback Kevin Burke straight into standard notation (better yet, my brain :slight_smile:

thanks again