Traktor not in sync after Audacity recordings


2 years after recording much vinyl to mp3 via ion usb and audacity i purchased a vestax vcm 100 and traktor pro but it seems anything i recorded will not stay synced when played has anyone else come across this problem or does anyone have any idea how to fix it ?

Thanks in Advance

What do you mean?
What is not synchronised with what?

Hi Steve
Sorry, All the tracks that i recorded via Ion & Audacity when played back through Traktor will not stay in Sync with each other or new purchased tracks when mixed together. As you probably know Traktor has the Sync function to hold tracks in time but it will not work with all of the recorded tracks, I am knew to Tracktor but i am struggling for an answer with this problem.


I think this is more of a Traktor issue than an Audacity issue.
Perhaps this topic will help:
If not, I’d suggest asking on that forum as they are likely to know much more about Traktor.

ok thanks for the advice


The ION turntable is a throw-away device. It was designed to transfer all your vinyl to digital and then throw out the vinyl and the turntable. Nobody is expecting super quality or accuracy from a $100 turntable. Did you used one of those speed checker disks on your ION before you transferred your disks?

Your current system has speed controls and no doubt crystal controlled services. I’d be shocked if you old ION did anything like that.