Tracks recording at faster speed

I’m trying to mix from my digital 8 track optically into Audacity and it records fine but when I play back the stereo tracks the speed has increased. I have no idea why and how to correct that.
Need assistance in this.

After recording you can use the Change Speed effect. If it’s about 10% fast the correction is probably the ratio of 44.1/48. Or you can time one of the tracks.

Try changing the default Project Sample Rate and Default Sample Rate. For example if the data is coming-in actually 44.1kHz, but Audacity thinks it’s 48kHz, it will play back fast.

With optical, just the data is sent (and it’s only one-way communication) so there’s no information about the sample rate or anything else and sometimes it gets it wrong…

“it records fine but when I play back the stereo tracks the speed has increased.”
Are you using Audacity 3.3.1 or similar recent…
What Project Rate are you recording at…?? … It should be displayed bottom of screen RHS as Actual rate.
When you play it back, is this immediately after recording or after saving it and opening it again…??
What actual rate is displayed at bottom of screen when it is playing back…??

When saving your recording do you save as a project .aup files etc. or do you export and save as WAV, MP3 etc…??
As a test export your recording as a WAV (microsoft) at the rate you recorded at (Actual), The WAV will have a header that contains the Bitrate. Then close Audacity and open again and open or import the WAV file just saved… Check what rate it is playing at and does it sound correct speed…Audacity should detect the bitrate to import at from the saved WAV file even if your project rate is different and as this is only one file imported it will play at this bitrate.

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