Tracks out of sync

Hi, I’m a new user to Audacity and trying to use it for multitrack recording on an iMac running Catalina.

At the moment I’m at a basic level of creating a click track using ‘Generate - Rhythm Track’ and am then recording a guitar connected to my iMac using the iRig HD2.

I’ve overcome the Catalina related problems of getting it to recognise any sound thanks to the questions and responses of others but I am finding when I record the second track it sounds fine as I am recording it but then on playback the two tracks are about 1/2 sec out of sync.

Is there something basic I am doing wrong here? Any help greatly appreciated.


You didn’t set recording latency. Playback and recording all take time and when you overdub, the two times add up since you’re doing both at once. Audacity has a process to automatically subtract all those error times if you tell it what they are.

The easiest way is to record a test where you record your headphones.

That will give you a real-world recording of the error without you having to come up with any extra cables or adapters.

Then count the timeline and put that value in the latency correction box.

I wrote the original one of those but this one’s been updated and corrected for more modern Audacity versions.

From memory:__

Audacity > Preferences > Devices > Latency > Latency…

Check your work. Usually by the second or third pass you have it down perfect.

If the correction moves you got troubles. Your computer may not be stable enough for reliable overdubbing. Your computer has to be able to record and playback perfectly at the same time. Close all other apps.

You are required by divine law to correct the wrong way the first time and make it worse. I don’t know anyway around that.

Just add a negative inverse of the correction value.

I … what?


Brilliant, thanks Koz :hugs: