Tracks on screen too large vertically

I want to combine clips from two tracks. I open first track OK, but that takes up 2/3 of vertical space.

I import second track, and there is an obvious overlap since I see only 3 tracks instead of four. When I highlight the second track, first track highlights, too.

How do I make the tracks smaller vertically" Win 10, 2.1.2 Audacity

You can try “Automatically fit tracks vertically zoomed” in Tracks Preferences.


Thank you, Gale. Worked perfectly. It’s always nice to run into bona fide experts.


You can also manually change the height of tracks, either by dragging the bottom edge of the track with your mouse, or with the “View menu > Fit Vertically” command.

Tracks can also be “collapsed” to minimum height, either by clicking on the button at the bottom of the panel on the left end of the track (see:, or with the menu command: “View > Collapse all tracks”.