tracks move together

I have Windows 10 on a Dell
I don’t know what "exact three section version of Audacity.
I think I had the exe version of Audacity

I’ve never seen this problem in my years of using Audacity

I have a stereo track with a sound file
I put in a second sound file and tried to bring it up to the end of the first file, in it’s tracks of course
but the other file moved with it making it impossible to sync them up. Have you an ideas?


Perhaps you’ve accidentally enabled “Sync-Lock”:

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Please see my previous reply.

You have an old version. I strongly recommend you download the current 2.1.2 version from us:

It is best to reply in your original topic if you still have an issue, rather than start a new topic. That just confuses those trying to help you. Yes, I deleted your new post at the same time it was being merged back into this topic.

No, Steve answered you. See

Use the current 2.1.2 from us (see above) rather than download random versions of Audacity.