Tracks merging or overwriting spontaneously !!!

Last time I used it 3 or 4 months ago it worked fine. Now, I downloaded an MP4 from Youtube and Audacity opens it fine. I was making new tracks from samples–saved fine for a while. Then after a random amount of time, 1 of the tracks incorporated sound from the track below it. I thought maybe I did something wrong, so I started with a new file, but again, random amount of time, track incorporates the sound from the track below it. The track LOOKS exactly as it should, but sound from the track below seems to have overwritten one section.

Anyone see this before?

Now we need a little detail. Which Audacity? Which Windows? What exactly are you doing? What is the main track and what are the clips?

Let me read that back to you:

I import a main track from a YouTube MP4 and then smaller clips which then appear on lower tracks. The sound from the lower clips sometimes appears mixed into the main track (both sounds together) even after I delete the lower tracks. The sound stays there even after I export a stand-alone sound file.


Thanks for responding, Koz.
Audacity 2.0.3, Window 7.
I import a main track from a Youtube mp4.
I create new tracks under that from clips taken from it.
The main clip at top doesn’t seem to be affected, but the 1st new track I’m creating sometimes incorporates sounds from the track below it.
Those sounds are not visibly represented.
Sounds remain merged even after exported to a new file.
Started from scratch, keeping the original mp4 in a separate file and pasting clips from it in a new file, but the same thing happened again.

Please update to latest 2.0.5: Audacity ® | Download for Windows .

How? Give us the exact commands you use to do that.

You’re aware that tracks on screen are mixed together when playing or exporting?

Did you want to export each new track on its own? If so have you tried clicking above Mute/Solo in the track to select it then File > Export Selection?