Tracks change pitch when i export

I have two tracks in a project, i changed the pitch of both of them to B, but when I export, the pitch reverts. Any hints? Many thanks, Joe

If you’re using the “Play at speed” slider (, then that only affects the playback speed (temporarily) in Audacity. It does not change that actual audio data.

To change the pitch of a track, use one of the pitch changing “effects” (from the Effects menu):

and then export to a new file.

Hi, thanks for the reply, I was using the changing pitch effect. I have now tried it with mp3 and wav. Exporting as an MP3 extreme, and then import it again, it has changed from B to f sharp (in ‘Change pitch effect’. Exporting as wav and then re-importing to check pitch, it stayed the same. I can use WAV, but it is hard to email to other cast members so they can practise. The WAV is just too big a file. Any suggestions? Thanks

Stayed the same as what?

Is this what you did?

  1. Your original track was tuned to B, and you applied the Change Pitch effect so that it was tuned to F.
  2. You exported the track as a WAV file, and the file was (correctly) tuned to F.

If so, then all you need to do is exactly the same, but in step 2, export as MP3.

I would strongly recommend that whenever you export from Audacity, always use a new, unique file name. Overwriting an existing file can become confusing, and if you make a mistake there may be no going back.

Hi Steve, thanks for your reply.
The original was in F, I edited it and created a couple of tracks, then changed pitch to B on both tracks. Exporting as WAV it remained as B and when I exported in MP3 (etreme setting), it had returned to F.
I have also just now tried it on a single track, different file name and when i import the mp3 back into audacity, the pitch it picks up, is back to F.
Thanks for any help,