Tracks aren't syncing

I finally got the piano to record in stereo. However, on this track, you’ll notice that the piano falls behind the rest of the track by almost a click. Is this a latency issue? How can I correct it?

too long for me to play - takes over 9 minutes to dl.
if they are out of sync the same amount the entire time then it is latency. if they start in sync but one ends up behind at the end then you have clock timing differences.

If it is a latency problem, how do I fix it? Thanks, Whomper.

i am not the expert on this, but i think there is an adjustment for latency in one of the audacity preference pages.

See this page from the manual on Latency:


thanks, W.C. I’ll give it a look. Appreciate the help.

I tried the latency correction test.
I followed the directions exactly – even did it twice – but the latency correction didn’t take effect.
I figured out the latency, entered the correction amt in the “Recording” preferences, and re-recorded the click-track with latency correction – but it didn’t change at all. It didn’t correct for latency.
Any ideas? Is it different for the Beta version of Audacity?

Latency correction adjustment ONLY applies to Audacity 1.3 (beta). There is no manual adjustment in Audacity 1.2

Which version of Audacity are you using?

Hey Steve – I’m using the Beta version.

OK, so you’ve attempted the method described in the manual ( )

Perhaps you can fill in some details:

I remember that you are using a USB sound card but I don’t remember what model.
For recording you are have the line/AUX output from your piano connected to the line input of the USB sound card.
For monitoring tracks that are already recorded and are playing in Audacity you have headphones connected to where?
To hear your piano while you are playing you have headphones/mixer connected to what?