Tracks and recording

My Mac is 10.6.8 and I am using Audacity 2.0.3. I am new to using Audacity. My question/issue is everytime I hit the record button, it creates a new track and records on that new track. I have looked at the online manual and checked all FAQ and I have not found any help with this issue. Any advice is much appreciated! Thanks!

Yes, that is normal and intentional. Why is it a problem? What are you trying to do?

Ok, it doesn’t seem normal when I create a new track, name it and expect to record on that track. Instead of recording on that specific track, it is creating a new track on it’s own and recording on that one instead of the one I created and labeled.

There’s basically two approaches. Some software use one and some the other.
One approach is that you set up the track, name it, connect it, arm it for recording and then record into that track (for example ProTools).
Another approach is that you press record and the program creates a track and starts recording. The track can be named after recording. (example: Audacity).

There are pros and cons to each approach.
I do a lot of live work and it’s great to be able to just hit record rather than “Oh, hang on a moment - I’ve just got to set the track up - rats, missed it. Could you start that again please…”

Audacity can record into an existing track by using “Append Record” (Transport menu. Keyboard shortcut: Shift+R)

Ok, thanks!