tracking out mixes


how do i use audacity to track out mixes?

i don’t think you can do it in itunes, but i’m assuming you can in audacity.

my roommate knows soundforge like the back of his hand, but he has yet to be able to figure out how to do this in audacity.

i’ve got a ton of mixes i want to burn but want them tracked out…

in wavelab i know how to track stuff out in preset increments, like 5 minute tracks, so knowing that would be useful, but i’d also like to know how to track out anywhere i want to (according to when a track comes in, or is by itself, ect.)…

also, once i’ve done this, is there an option when burning in itunes to have no pauses between tracks?..

thanx in advance!..

In iTunes Edit>Preferences>Advanced>Burning you will see a dropdown called Gap Between Songs. Set this to none.


When you say “track out mixes” you should probably define it for us. I have never encountered that phrase.

I assume you mean you want to place a bunch of tunes one right after the other. In order to do that, just import them all into a project and use the Time Shift Tool to drag each one into place.

I use that method in order to make a final mix of a record, then I export the whole thing as one big wav file and make a CUE sheet to tell the CD-burning software how to burn the disc.

no, i mean to take a long, let’s say 70 minute mix, and bring it into audacity, and chop it up into individual tracks, then export the tracks into burning software and burn the disc so that you can skip around the mix, and not have it be one long track.

Ahhh … clearer now.

All you need to do is to place a label at each track break - use the Ctrl-B shortcut - and don’t forget to place a label right at the beginning for the first track.

Then use Audacity’s Export Multiple command (available from the File drop-down) to export a multiple set of WAVs, MP3s or whatever.

The Audacity Wiki, Documentation and Turorials have much useful information on how to do this - a recommended read -


There’s an alternate method that won’t require you to make new files (and take up more space). Make a CUE sheet.

I use Exact Audio Copy (freeware for Windows) to both make and burn CUE sheets, but the method for making them in that program is not very user-friendly (burning is very easy, however). I’m sure there are free programs out there that will make it easier to generate a CUE sheet.

hey, thanx a lot…

i just tried it and it worked great for me…

i just set tracks at each 5 minute point…

in wavelab there’s an option to do that automatically, is there one in audacity?..


Glad that worked for you.

AFAIK there isn’t an automatic way of generating regular timed labels in Audacity.

You can make it easier by zooming out so more project time fits in the Audacity window. And if you use v1.3 you can type cursor times into the time/sample display box.