Tracking Issue? [SOLVED]

When I start to record I hit the record button. If I pause or stop and push record again a new track appears below the first track. If I hit pause again another track comes up below that. Is this something in preferences? I want to record on one track only. Thanks. j

Stop and Record always starts a new track. If you Stop a recording, you can pick it up again in the same place with Append Record (Shift-R). You can’t crash record anywhere else. It will only start recording at the end of the old track.

Pause (P) is supposed to Pause a recording and the second P starts recording again. Make sure that’s exactly what you’re doing. Other keys confuse the process.

There is a “fake” crash record. Stop a recording and select a place in the existing blue waves. When you start the next recording, it will start a new track at that time.


Thank you much…I tried that and got the result I was looking for…